Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New York minute with 'True Blood' star Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll sinks her fangs into the new season of "True Blood," starting tonight on HBO. She stars as Jessica Hamby, a teen vampire who struggles with her identity. The Brooklyn-born actress, 25, never had that problem.
"I knew coming out of the womb that [acting] was what I was supposed to do," Woll says. At about 14, she began enrolling in acting programs around the city and at her Brooklyn Heights high school, the Packer Collegiate Institute. It's paid off. Besides "True Blood," Woll has three films in the works.
What can we expect from Jessica this season?
[Producer] Alan Ball has said before that this season is about identity, and I think that's what's happening for Jessica. It's a lot about discovering more about my vampiric nature versus my human nature and what's the right balance for Jessica. Bill [Stephen Moyer] has chosen a very mainstream human kind of existence, and Eric [Alexander Skarsgard] has chosen a very vampire existence. Every member of the undead has to find their own personal [path], And Jessica's working her way through that this season.