Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk Blood Radio with Dallas & @Sookie BonTemps Returns for True Blood S3 : meet the team!

Do you love True Blood ? We have the best , smartest, funniest team in all the Sookieverse ? You will find us all on Talk Blood Radio every Sunday night 9:30pm following the live broadcast of True Blood.

The blogtalk radio show link is always posted here every week!

We blog, vlog, tweet and talk True Blood and we want to talk to you!

Follow me on Twitter here @TrueBloodDallas of course Sookie @SookieBonTemps

*Brian and Andy

Brian Juergens is an entertainment writer, filmmaker and film critic, the former blog editor of AfterElton.com and creator of campblood.org, the first and most comprehensive website devoted to celebrating and studying horror movies from a gay perspective. Andy Swist is an illustrator and graphic designer he has been the guiding visual force behind campblood.org, and his work can be found at andyswist.com. but he is famously known for his genius True Blood character paper dolls.
Twitter : @AndySwist and #CampBlood

* Mark Blankenship

Mark Blankenship is the pop culture reviewer from Huffington Post and he also blogs on his wonderful site the Critical Condition  thecriticalcondition.com 
Twitter : @CritCondition

*Meredith Woerner

Meredith is Senior Reporter for the blog io9.com  she is also the author of Vampire Taxonomy: Identifying and Interacting with Modern-Day Bloodsuckers.
Twitter :  @MdellW 


Jef writes a fantastic True Blood Music column for the Houston Press.


Rita said...

Can't wait you have a good team.