Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 3

Team Talk Blood member Mark Blankenship just posted his "Sucker Punch" you can listen to us discussing this episode Sunday night click on widget to right !

Before we dive into “It Hurts Me Too,” I need to talk about a recent review of True Blood by Entertainment Weekly‘s Ken Tucker. In his conclusion, he wrote:

What show creator Alan Ball has brought to True Blood‘s pulp-horror trappings is a unifying theme of power versus helplessness: an insistence that victims are capable of toughening, of overcoming their powerlessness to become smarter and stronger. It’s a positive message that Ball and his writers and directors smuggle into a show that only seems to revel in decadence, gore, and duplicity. True Blood‘s dirtiest little secret is that it may be among the most ethical, even righteous, shows on television.

Meanwhile, in his recap of the season premiere, Tucker said, “I like True Blood best when it’s fast, dirty, and funny.”

These statements clarify my own relationship to the show: Yes, it’s full of metaphor, and I certainly enjoy it on that level. However, I mostly like True Blood because it’s trashy, bloody, sexy, and funny. It’s more valuable to me as candy than as vitamins.

This isn’t always how I roll. I like Big Love‘s sweeping themes more than its individual plots, and as much as I love the campiness on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I love its subtle critique of American society even more.

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Rita said...

Well like i said you all have a gift in
what you do,one reason i don't comment a
lot is i am not good at putting into words
what i would like to say and at 64
just gets harder so most of the time i just put short things to say.And this was
a really great Sucker Punch loved it,way
to go.