Monday, June 7, 2010

'True Blood's' Stephen Moyer on revisiting Bill's painful past

It's clear from HBO's recent poster showing Bill Compton during his Civil War days with the tagline, "Life Goes On," that we'll be exploring more of Bill's past in "True Blood's" third season.

"There's a couple of great flashbacks this year," Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill, tells Zap2it. "I love the flashbacks because what's interesting is that you as an actor playing these characters don't get a chance to really understand who your character is, because the writers are able to invent things from your past that you didn't know about. So, it just keeps adding color to your characterization as you go."

Warning: Semi-spoilerish

Some of the most achingly gorgeous (and telling) scenes of the series occur in flashback. Moyer gave us a couple hints of what we'll be exploring in Bill's past.

"We will see one of the reasons why Bill is so tortured," he explains. "There will be something that explains how his relationship with Lorena evolved. There is some beautiful stuff in there."

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