Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Blood's vampire sex scene that will live on in infamy

Team Talk Blood Radio member, Meredith Woerner posted her excellent episode review today

True Blood's vampire sex scene that will live on in infamyWTF did we see last night on True Blood? And will we ever be the same for viewing it? Let us explain it to you Pro/Con style.

We've got a lot of material to cover Con/Pro wise, before we can get to the meat of last night episode. And by meat I mean terribly disturbing sex scene. So let's get on with it!

The next episode picks up right where it left off. Vampire versus wolf, versus Sookie and her pants pistol.

Con: This Matrix bullet opening scene. True Blood you don't have good enough special effects to be wasting money on this ridiculous thing. We know vampires move fast we don't need to see the bullet make little spirals of time and air in Sookie's house. We're good, vampires, they're fast, gotcha.

True Blood's vampire sex scene that will live on in infamy

Con: What are the noises that Eric is making after he inhaled that werewolf? Vampire hairball?

Pro: "I got your rug all wet," says Eric to Sookie with a marvelous shit-eating grin. And for some reason Sookie isn't having sex with him right there on top of the naked, dead, waxed werewolf. Something is wrong with her, beyond the light-fingers thing.

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Sharon said...

Re: one of the comments on this article. I've seen a couple of comments now saying that Bill had no choice, that Lorena made him "make love" to her. Lorena has no more control over Bill. She released him back in the 30's to keep him from killing himself. This "lovely" sex act is all on Bill Compton.

You know what they say: anything two consenting adults do in private is OK!