Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlaine drops some Sookie book 11 hints and tells us about Walmart and Bella!

Charlaine drops a bk 11 hint 

408 duckpond100 2010-07-20 07:05

Sam has a love interest in the next book.

The problem with having such a huge cast of characters is that I can't always find a good reason to bring back characters I'd like to revisit.

Charlaine Harris

Charlaine explains the importance of Walmart -whether you like them or not

1011 crossfox 2010-07-19 12:14

The deep meaning of the Walmart references is that many, many small-town residents rely on Walmart for many of their needs. We will not get into the politics of that here. However, rest assured that no sponsorship agreement exists. If authors were able to obtain brand sponsorships, more of them would be able to quit their day jobs a lot sooner.

1012 duckpond100 2010-07-20 07:03

Sponsorship? I have no idea how that would work, but an interesting idea. However, I'd rather be sponsored by an upscale jewelry store!

julia_petruniak, you obviously do not live in a small Southern town. Wal-Mart is the social center of the town, for towns lucky enough (I know, moot point) to have one. Especially if you have a Super Center!

Charlaine Harris

Which came first Sookie or Bella ?
books, I don't want them to end.

1594 duckpond100 2010-07-18 08:32

I hope I don't need defending for not being "Twilight." There's no rivalry between Stephenie Meyer and me. People can read both series and enjoy them, I hope, and I've met many people who do. It's not like you had to back one series or another, that there was a struggle for supremacy!

The only issue I've ever had is being accused of "ripping off" Meyer's plotline. Since my books predate hers by years, that is inaccurate and insulting. But that's a mistake her fans make, not Stephenie Meyer herself!

Charlaine Harris


Anonymous said...

haha she totally put twilight fans in their place!!

Rita said...

I think that is just great we got to find
out that Sam gets a new love interest in
the,and Sookie and Pam go to
Tunica Mississippi to the casinos in
Death's Excellent Vacation nice tidbit .

Aimeeee,oxxx said...

I think Charlaine is totally correct within this statement, i have read both series of books and they are both very good, even though i do prefer Charlaine's series, Twilight i did still enjoy.
I cannot wait for True Blood season 3 to come on tv as i am from the United Kingdom, and it hasnt come out yet ):, and i am really cannot wait till book 11 of the True Blood series comes out!
LOVEYOUCHARLAINE! from your number one fan Aimeeee,oxxx