Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eric's dream from " 9 Crimes " does the script sound familiar ???

True Blood ep 4 scene
SS: Can all vampires fly?

EN: Can all humans sing?

SS:Are you kidding?
Couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

Dead until dark
"If you say so. Can I see you levitate?"
"Right here?" Bill sounded amused.
"Sure, why not? Unless there's a reason?"
"No, none at all." And he let go of my arms and began to rise.
I breathed a sigh of pure rapture. He floated up in the dark, gleaming like white marble in the moonlight.
When he was about two feet off the ground, he began hovering. I thought he was smiling down at me.
"Can all of you do that?" I asked.
"Can you sing?"
"Nope, can't carry a tune."
"Well, we can't all do the same things, either." Bill came down slowly and landed on the ground without a thump.


ingaice said...

I love that Eric ripped that conversation from Bill in the books :D
So much of what Eric has done and said in the books has been given to Bill on True Blood!

Sharon said...

I love that scene also, but in the books Sookie is constantly referring to the smell of vampires - kind of dry. Like she'll say "The room smelled of vampire and sex." Gotta love that!

ingaice, I agree. They've tried to make Eric seem all evil and scheming and made Bill to be a paragon. They are starting to give Eric a few more admirable moments. I just wish they'd give him a lot more screen time!