Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go ask Dallas: What kind of car was that Eric gave to Lafayette in last week's True Blood episode ?

Dallas LOVES questions !

Jess writes ...

Hey Dallas,

My friends and I are trying to figure out what kind of car Eric gave (Sold) Lafayette?Were thinking a modified Corvette????Do you know what it is?

Dear Jess

It is a SV 9 Competizione it is described here as 

The SV 9 Competizione combines the powertrain of the world-class American-made Corvette C6 with a new Italian-styled custom coachbuilt body and upgraded interior. While the 9 C retains the distinctive C6 Corvette shape, the new custom body is full of design cues that shout “That’s Italian!” The result is one of best Corvette coaches we’ve seen in a field crowded with Corvette coaches.

The SV 9 Competizione will be limited to 1,000 units at a cost of $99,995 which includes a new, well-equipped donor C6 Corvette purchased through their dealer network. Compared to other supercars and exotics, the Corvette-based SV 9 C might just be one of the best custom coachwork bargains of the year.

Eric's Car in the Sookie books
Dead until Dark- Outside, Eric was waiting outside by his car—a Corvette, naturally.

Living Dead in Dallas- Shaking his blond head, his trench coat drawn close around him, Eric opened the door to his red Corvette. I would be arriving at the orgy in style.

Dead to the World - "You known darn good and well who I am. What's up with you? Why are you out here without your car?" Eric drove a sleek Corvette, which was simply Eric.


Sharon said...

I do not understand Eric giving Lafayette this expensive car. The queen just told him to sell everything he owns and that he's got to get her lots of money because she owes the IRS a bunch. (She has my sympathy.)

Anybody got any insight here?

Rita said...

Sharon maybe Eric was not as loyal to
Sophie Ann as we think he is and did not
want to sale the car and have to give her
the money.Just my thought.

Sharon said...

That had occurred to me also, Rita. I thought that he might be hiding it with Lafayette and then take it back later. Of course, Lafayette might not be happy about that.