Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blood Work! “True Blood” recap 3.08: They Killed Our Cooters

In this installation of’s recap of the insane – and insanely popular – HBO vampire hootenanny, Andy and I kick things off by giving Sookiepants some scrapbooking tips. Rickrack, lady!
We then dive into all the blood, bawling and beast-with-two-back-making that made this episode one of our faves of the season, before Andy has to zoom up into the sky to save the Center of the Universe from certain peril. Just another day at the Camp!


Leslie said...

My money is on LaLa having some of what Sookie's got in him. Wouldn't they make the perfect duo?!

Rita said...

I don't want LaLa have powers i like him the way he is,just beginning to get back to himself.And i just don't see how Eric
is going to get out of this mess but will
have to wait and see,wish Debbie would
Cooter some where else.i see we are going to get a visit from Claudine again,and
loved the Sookie and Debbie fight that was