Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) & the issue she supports hits close to the heart.

  If you’re a Twilight fan, its possible that you’ve heard/read about the cast complaining that we have no peripheral vision due to the lenses we wear in the films. The claustrophobia that comes from having limited vision is indescribable, and it makes every move/interaction more challenging. Unlike EJ Scott, a man who I have recently become friends with, I get to take those lenses out everyday and I can see normally again.
Deborah Ann Woll is one of the most gifted actresses of our time. (You may know her from her brilliant portrayal of Jessica on “True Blood.”) I recently had the privilege of playing her little sister in a movie called Catch 44. There are many layers to Deb and she does a very good job of protecting her personal life. But a few days ago she opened up to me about something very serious happening to someone she loved. She told me that in a couple of weeks her boyfriend was going to be doing a half marathon - blindfolded. I smirked, not understanding the weight of what I assumed was a joke, and she explained that the blindfold was a metaphor, because her boyfriend EJ is actually going blind.

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