Thursday, August 5, 2010

Denis O'Hare Interview-True Blood's King of Mississippi

Way back in January I spoke to Denis O'Hare at the premiere of Edge of Darkness and he told me in our exclusive interview that his character on True Blood Season 3 wasn't necessarily evil. Well, if you've been watching the show you know that's not exactly the truth. O'Hare, a veteran of stage and screen, is enjoying his time as a powerful vampire king on True Blood and absolutely loves the writing.

"They have a lot of philosophy in it and there's also a lot of heart. There's a scene we did in episode 10 that was so heartbreaking I literally could not get the lines out. I had to keep stopping because it was such a beautiful sequence of lines - beautiful, beautiful stuff."

read on and see video here 


Rita said...

Think Russell has the big head and thinks
nothing can stop him,but think he will get his comeupins in the end.Even though
he is a great actor and character on the