Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ellis enjoying 'True Blood' mother plot

Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood Nelsan Ellis has revealed that he loves exploring his True Blood character Lafayette in more detail.
Speaking to Digital Spy, Ellis explained that he is pleased Lafayette's mother Ruby Jean (Alfre Woodard) has now appeared on the show.
"It establishes him as a person with roots in this town," he said. "Outside of just being the person who takes care of his cousin Tara.
"He never really has scenes with his auntie, Tara's mom, so to give him a mother sort of establishes that this dude... it gives him a history."

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Rita said...

Sorry Dallas it want let you read the rest
of the story.

" Dallas " said...

Fixed -thanks Rita

Rita said...

Lafayette is a really interesting character glad that Alan decided to keep
him .