Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher Talks True Blood Revelations- Huffington Post

I’m a huge True Blood fan. I’ve read the books, I’ve watched every episode. As far as I’m concerned, vampires have not overstayed their welcome. Alright, maybe the Twilight vampires. I just got a chance to chat with Lindsay Pulsipher who plays Jason Stackhouse’s love interest, Crystal. (I did her makeup for the upcoming film, Do Not Disturb.) She had a pretty big revelation this week. And yes, we do mention what it was. If you’re afraid of spoilers, I’ll mark it in the question so you can skip that one. Lindsey gives us all the info about playing a character who is constantly sporting a black eye, nudity on camera and what it’s been like to work with an engaged couple planning a wedding on set. Of course I’m talking about the recently married Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer. She also lets us know what it’s like to have wild animals on set. No, I’m not talking about her co-stars. (Please, Charlaine Harris fans. If you’ve read the books, don’t spoil plot points in the comments section without a spoiler alert!)
Did you watch the show before you auditioned for True Blood?

I did! Yeah.
Did you know what character you wanted to play?
Well, you know I hadn’t ever read the books. I hadn’t read the books yet, so I didn’t know who Crystal was. And when I got the audition, she was described as this mysterious girl who runs through the woods. That was all I knew. [laughs] So I really didn’t know where they were taking her and what was happening. I was surprised when I found out who she was in the books. I thought, oh this will be a really fun character to play.

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