Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talk Blood Radio : True Blood Season 3.11"Fresh Blood" LIVE TONIGHT!!!!

Live TONIGHT: Come and 'Talk Blood' right after True Blood episodes airs.  We've got a whole night  of fun planned starting with the True Blood Season 3.11 "Fresh Blood"
I am, joined tonight by Team Talk Blood member, the author, Becca Wilcott who will be  calling in live from Fan Expo in Toronto where she is a panelist.

Listen Live,  call-in with your opinions or predictions  and join the amazing chat room! Click here to get involved tonight , the chat room opens at 9:15 cst and the radio show begins at 9:30 cst . You can call -in by dialing 1 (646) 929-0825 

Call in and we'll talk the Emmy's live while they are happening. WE can talk about the True Blood stars presenting and maybe winning ! ( Dallas crosses fingers !)

Be sure to join us tonight because we're going to talk True Blood on Talk Blood Radio  live on Blog Talk Radio.  I love hearing you comments and suggestions you can ALWAYS email me: 'Dallas' at truebloodindallas@gmail

Episode 311: “Fresh Blood”
Premieres August 29
Bill tries to earn back Sookie’s trust, but ends up bringing her face-to-face with fresh dangers. Knowing he’s no physical match for the King, Eric tempts Russell with the “ultimate vampire dream.” Jason tries to wrap his head around Crystal’s revelation. Sam embraces his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; with Holly’s help, Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; post V-trip, Lafayette struggles with new demons. (Written by Nancy Oliver; Directed by Daniel Minahan.)