Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood: Everything Is Broken, Even The Vamps

Team Talk Blood member Jef from the Houston Press wows us with this week's column.

Great line They fall in love with us, and they hunger for the culture we produce. It's a sad, sad sack of an unlife and every one of them can bite our crank.

Before it all went poopy, there was that magical first season of Heroes where we all watched enthralled as the fate of the world was decided by a handful of superhumans against one monstrously powerful threat. And we do so now on True Blood.
Vampire politics and Eric's (Alexander Skarsgaard) quest for vengeance against the three-millennium-old king of Mississippi and now Louisiana, Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) has resulted in an all-out war on the movement for vampires to be accepted as full citizens of the United States. Believing that the American Vampire League sponsored Eric's murder of Edgington's lover of seven hundred years, Edgington storms a newscast and murders an anchorman live on the air in order to derail the mainstream movement and begin his ultimate quest for subjugation of humanity.
Gothtopia has two points to make.
One, that Alan Ball has made it clear in this season that a lot of vampires are at least bisexual. A lot. Especially the old and powerful ones.

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Rita said...

Jef i love your account and Russell has
gone all bonkers and will be very intere-
sting to see what happens.Nan was in
pure shock could not believe it.