Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Blood gives a great neck job, but we need a bit more from Meredith at io9.com

Team Talk Blood member Meredith Woerner give us her Pros and Cons 

Oh, what a vampire night. Once again this show struggles to out-top itself after the infamous vampire news desk sign-off. And this being the second-to-last episode, we're starting to worry about True Blood reaching its vampire climax. NSFW.
Oh dear, True Blood. While last night's episode was stitched together with few funny quips and one tantalizing neck job, it was pretty tame. This is the second-to-last episode. It's time to bring out the big werewolf dogs, right? I'm starting to get very nervous that we're going to have a repeat of last year's double finale. One ending in season two was perfectly fine (the Godric Quantum leap) and the other was a Egg-licking cow-fisting disaster. Did True Blood already blow its vampire load thanks to the Vampire King of Mississippi's spine-ripping newscast? Because as of right now, this show it making meth addict were-panthers boring. That being said, there was some good in here, let's Pro and Con it:

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layne1 said...

Meredith is soo funny. I also agree with many of her comments.

Rita said...

I love to read what Meredith has to say
always a hoot.