Friday, August 13, 2010

True Blood vs the Sookie Stackhouse novels - NOT! according to Charlaine Harris !

Two people recently posted on Charlaines board 

...I can't put down the Southern Vampire novels. I am addicted! I watched the first few episodes of True Blood at the urging of my best friend and mother, and let me tell ya, Sundays can't come quick enough!! I then realized there was a whole series of books as well! I love them all, I especially like how the TV show and books are just different enough to keep me interested in both. I am more a fan of reading, out of habit, I can pick a book up and get lost for hours. But the show is so good too! I am always a fan of mystery/supernatural/detective novels, and I look forward to picking up Ms. Harris's other novels as well!

..the books allow me to escape into another world "literally" Charlene Harris is an amazing author and I love how she brings every character to life and having the HBO series to watch really helps to identify even more with what they look like. I cannot wait to read her other books and I hope she continues to write wonderful novels. 

Charlaine posted her response this morning : 

That's my plan, it's easy to be a fan of both the tv show and the books, though sometimes it can be a bit confusing.
Charlaine Harris


Rita said...

I whole heartedly agree with this person.