Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Meredith's offering ...
Everyone is talking about last night's big reveal. So what happened? Well the supernatural fairy was let out of the werekitty bag. We now all know what Sookie is (besides awful).

Let's be honest. Nothing was going to top last week's conclusion. Nothing. But this week tried with werekitties, V-trips, and lots of good Pam one-liners. But besides the great postmortem, this episode really felt like it was just trying to get us to the end. We're all still holding our breath for the big fight between the King of Mississippi and everyone else. But one thing was revealed, Sookie is a fairy. Yeah, I'm not necessarily excited about it either. But why don't we let the Pros and Cons be the REAL judge.

Pro: Sookie having the same reaction to her big "what is Sookie" reveal. How fucking lame, indeed.

Con: So since we all CLEARLY know that being a fairy is lame, does that mean we can drop the fact that she's a fairy? The answer: No.

Con: Another name for the fairy kind is "alien." Sadly, I'm guessing the rest of the cast will insist on calling fairies by their proper name "the Fae," for the rest of the season.

Con: They do.

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Rita said...

Just love reading what Meredith has to say
so good and interesting.

Sharon said...

The comments are pretty interesting, too. I especially liked the one with the picture of Eric and Sookie kissing for real, and the comment that went with it!