Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Is Sookie Stackhouse? A Look at the Evidence in ‘True Blood’

Tara for Culture mob does a nice break down of "Sookie facts " from True Blood and then deduces what she is based on the books !

The Facts (disclosed thus far in the series—no spoiler alert if you’re caught up):

    What is the light emitting from Sookie's hand?
  • Sookie has telepathic abilities.
  • Sookie can’t read the minds of vampires.
  • She can read the minds of some other supernatural creatures such as shifters and weres.
  • Bill and others seem to have been investigating Sookie’s lineage.
  • Vampires take a special interest in Sookie and seem to have an attraction to her.
  • When seriously threatened, Sookie can emit a light from her hand; this seems to stop those intending to harm her.
  • When unconscious and in the hospital in the most recent episode, Sookie had an ethereal dream or vision in which she met one Claudine.
  • Jason revealed that Sookie was born at home and had never been to the hospital prior to

    her most recent emergency.
  • Maryann Forrester was intrigued by Sookie’s nature, indicating that Sookie has an ability considered rare, even among supernatural beings.
  • After feeding on Sookie, Bill receives few negative effects from sun exposure. While he took a lot of blood, this may be an indication that her blood is somehow heartier than that of other humans.
  • The hospital was unable to determine Sookie’s blood type indicating that she ‘has no blood type.’
  • Sophie, Louisiana’s queen, has taken a special interest in Hadley—revealed to be Sookie’s cousin.
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