Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anne Rice asks: “True Blood fans: Do you think the ancient immortals really demonstrate enough wisdom to be credible?

I think Ms Rice and the blogger are forgetting how Godric was portrayed in True Blood or maybe even The Ancient Pythoness ?? What do you guys think ?

Anyone that follows legendary vampire author Anne Rice on Facebook knows that she is quite the fan of True Blood and often voices her opinions on the show. Not too long ago she asked her fans a question on the vampires of True Blood, a question that got me thinking.

“True Blood fans: Do you think the ancient immortals really demonstrate enough wisdom to be credible? We have yet to meet a philosophical vampire, am I right?”
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Anonymous said...

This show takes place in the SOUTH. In a backwoods town known as BonTemps. What philosophical vamp would be hiding out in a town like that or even a philosophical human! That's what makes both spectrums so great. You have the close to life, nit and grit of True Blood, and Anne Rice has the extensive and smart vamps like Lestat and Marius.

Anonymous said...

I have met elderly humans who are selfish, childish, grasping and immature; therefore I do not think it might be illogical that there might be an ancient vampire who has not evolved or very little.

I thought Russell's need to collect art, literature or whatever struck his fancy was born in an attitude of being a lofty "caretaker" of rare objects, since humans are so ephemeral. Also, I believe the character of Russell is insane even before his lover was killed. If not insane then he was certainly isolated and disconnected from reality. He had become very sloppy over the centuries taking his immortality for granted as his power increased.

I believe I remember Ann Rice story about a very ancient vampire, the first vampire, who kills her vampire husband and then tries to take over the world by ordering women to kill men. How evolved is that?

I also remember a story where Lestat was being childish, playing games, and telling the world about vampires, though other vampires told him to stop.

I really do not remember Ms Rice's vampires being all that evolved and philosophical. I remember them killing other vampires and feeding/killing humans to survive. If they had been greatly evolved they would not have been very interesting.