Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blood Work! “True Blood” vlog 3.11: WHERE’S MY F*CKING WHISKEY!??!

Well --Wow! The boys ( Andy and Brian) from Camp Blood and Team Talk Blood give us their review of Episode 11.

In one of our most ill-advised moves to date, Andy and I take a tip from rapidly unspooling shapeshifter barman Sam Merlotte and decide to get completely wasted before recording this week’s True Blood recap. SPOILER: One of us an angry drunk, but the other one is a cuddler!

Anyway, this week’s True Blood was all about being drunk on something, be it Jack Daniels, Patron, “V”, or Sookie. So please allow us this little foray into the 100-Proof Wood. Somehow we still manage to cover the hot topics – Bill & Eric’s alliance! Arlene’s no-bortion! Jesus‘ “oh! face”! – but lose a lot of dignity (and brain cells) along the way.

Enjoy below!


Rita said...

This was so funny i also would like some
background on Tara's dad to.Andy and Brian
i have a little some thing for you if you could tell Dallas your address she can give it to me,so i can it to you.

heather said...

You are now my favorite recap on the internet. It made my night. Thank you!!