Friday, September 17, 2010

BLOODlust Finale Episode! True Blood S:3 Ep:12 Recap


Rita said...

Love your recaps and can't wait till next

linda said...

I'm a week late, but Antonia and Alex - you two just have me in stitches! I love your vlog!
Hoyticca. LOL
I've picked up somewhere the theory that Summer is a witch; dolls - evil spell casting, doll in the house & baking muffins, cooking - mixing potions.
As a forever Bill fan, in the end I know he won't be so bad, just now his actions aren't stellar.
Looking forward to S4.


" Dallas " said...

Hey Callon

Well, you know old Dallas is a sucker for TB/Sookie fans and A&A sure fit that bill.

I have so enjoyed their commentaries and like that they are of a different demographic.

Most of us are "of a certain age" and I enjoy hearing what it is that they like ...