Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talk Blood Podcast -True Blood Season 3.12 "Evil is going on"

There was just too much going on last week with all the season reviews that I decided to wait a little bit to repost the podcast.  If you missed the show last week please enjoy this podcast of the special annual 2 hour  finale radio show! Also you can check out the often hilarious chat room log and transcripts.

This 'Talk Blood' was recorded right after the finale of True Blood which aired Sunday, September 12th . Listen below to the discussion of True Blood Season 3.12 "Evil is going on"

I was joined by all our Team Talk Blood members: Brian Juergens & Andy Swist (Camp Blood) , the author, Becca Wilcott, Mark Blankenship (Huffington Post) , Meredith Woerner (, @SookieBonTemps and Jefwithonef (Houston Press)

Thanks !