Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Blood: A Sam Merlotte Sad Bastard Mixtape from JefwithoneF Houston Press

HBO likes to give us a little break the week before the final episode in order for you DVR people to catch up on what you missed. (Looking at you, Captain Mongo Nelson!) Gothtopia would like to take this week's column as an opportunity to talk about a plot line we've neglected over the course of the season, namely the evermore sinful tale of Sam Merlotte.

In the books, Sam's a pretty awesome kind, just a little hang-uppy on relationships. But increasingly in the TV universe, Sam's past has revealed abandonment, murder, robbery and just an all-around tale of woe. The thing about it is... it's really interesting, but the shape shifter's family history has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. It's just a diversion for those of us who think that the "Sookie is a fairy" storyline is a wee bit too RenFest.

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Rita said...

Sam is pretty much a nice guy and a mystery to every one but Sookie until
book #9,and i am sure Sam has had a hard
time part of his life that we did not
know about.