Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Denis O’Hare Sinks His Teeth Into Debate on True Blood vs. Broadway Fans

After a sensationally over the top run on season three of HBO’s uber-popular vampire series True Blood, Tony winner Denis O’Hare (who played the show’s murderous King of Mississippi) has found a new set of admirers on his way back to the stage in the forthcoming Broadway production of Elling. So, which fans are more hard-core: Broadway-goers or vampire lovers? “It’s a tossup,” O’Hare recently told “Broadway fans have to travel here to see their shows, so they have a level of commitment that’s more than just tuning in every week.” Thanks to TV, however, O'Hare can feel his profile rising: “I get left alone for the most part, but then suddenly somebody will scream, ‘Oh my God! You’re the King of Mississippi!'”
O’Hare got a taste of True Blood fandom at San Diego’s Comic-Con convention earlier this year. “Comic-Con is a special kind of crazy,” the actor joked. “There were around 130,000 people there!” In addition to convention-goers, the actor was surprised to find he had intergalactic fans. “I got surrounded by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he exclaimed. “First Deanna Troi [Marina Sirtis] walked up, then Data [Brent Spiner], then Worf [Michael Dorn]. I was just like ‘Oh my God!’” But after his character's questionable fate of being encased in a tomb of concrete for the next 100 years, will O’Hare be back for season four? “I love the show and really hope I’m back next year," he said. "It's a very good atmosphere."

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