Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best television adaptations of science fiction and fantasy novels

This is a fun list !

Can a book really become a decent television show? Yes, and here's the proof! Here are 12 shining examples of science fiction and fantasy books that actually got turned into television series that are worth watching in their own right.

The other day, we listed the worst TV adaptations of SF books, now here are the best. If The Walking Dead and A Game Of Thrones turn out to be awesome, they'll join the select club that already has these dozen members:

True Blood.

And then there's the other vampire TV show based on a book series. Alan Ball and company haven't been afraid to make Charlaine Harris' best-selling Sookie Stackhouse series their own, taking huge liberties with the source material, but they've also paid tribute to the characters and concepts that made the books great in their own right. Few TV shows have become day-after watercooler material to the extent that True Blood has, and they've made characters like Lafayette (who survives on the TV series despite dying in the books) their own.

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