Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jim "Hoyt" Parrack interview with wehearttv

Jim Parrack is no newcomer to TV. He has appeared on several hit series including Criminal Minds, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, ER...and one of my faves, Supernatural. Now THAT must have been a fun shoot- 3 born & bred- and proud- Texas boys together for a week of filming?! YeeeHaw!! Yahoo? Well, whatever it is hot Texas boys say...!

For the past 3 years Jim has starred on HBO's smash summer hit True Blood as the gentle, innocent and super-tall Hoyt Fortenberry. Jim brings life to the down home southern mama's boy with amazing ease and believability. I have to admit, Hoyt is among my faves in Bon Tempe and not just because he's completely adorable. Hoyt's a good boy, he has a good heart and he believes in people, almost blindly.

The Hoyt/Jessica love story is as tragic as it gets and Jim plays the heartbroken Hoyt with a tenderness we can all relate to. Well, relatively speaking. I mean I've never fallen in love with an actual vampire. Have you?

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