Sunday, December 5, 2010

Janina Gavankar cast in True Blood Season 4

Janina Gavankar is just the tip of the casting iceberg when it comes to True Blood Season 4. Other casting news has this BSC writer a bit more excited, particularly when it comes to Vedette Lim kicking ass in all her cage fighter greatness. Hey, it may not sound like much–and judging from that horrendous Season 3 Finale, and even more horrendous Season 3 for that matter, it probably won’t be–but some will take any chance they can get to see a hot chick beating people up.
Deadline reports that in addition to Gavankar’s role as Luna, a sexy shapeshifting school teacher, Alexandra Breckenridge will also be on board as Daisy, a Wiccan in league with Marnie (series regular Fiona Shaw). Last but not least, Jessica Tuck is now a “full-fledged series regular,” the website reports. Production begins next week on the fourth season. Let’s hope it gets entertaining again.