Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interviews with Evan Rachel Wood about True Blood Season 4

How is Season 4 going for True Blood?
WOOD: Of course, I can’t tell you anything that happens.
What will this season be like, in general?
WOOD: Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve only done one episode, so I have no idea. But, they always outdo themselves, every year.
What’s it like to be back on the set?
WOOD: It’s been great. It’s one of the funnest sets I’ve ever worked on, actually. There’s just always something crazy happening, and lots of blood.
How tortured will Queen Sophie-Anne be this season?
WOOD: Oh, I think she’ll get what she deserves.
How many episodes will you be doing?
WOOD: I can’t say.
Who have your scenes been with so far?
So far, Stephen Moyer. We have to finish our big fight.
Viewers will see a resolution to that then?
WOOD: Of course, there will be a resolution. You just have to wait and see what happens. But, it will be epic.
Have you had any scenes with any of the new female cast members?
WOOD: Not yet, no.
How do you define Sophie-Anne’s sexuality?
Vampires, in general, are both. I don’t think there is a preference for them. But, I think she’s made her choice. I’d say she’s a lesbian.
Do you think she’ll ever pursue a relationship with Sookie?
I hope so. Come on, it’s gotta happen!

Do you have any well wishes for Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, with this being their first season back as a married couple?
WOOD: I wish them nothing but the best. They make me sick, how in love they are with each other. They’re such an amazing couple, honestly. I’m just envious of them both. They’re great people.
What do you think it is about the allure of vampires that makes them so popular?
“WOOD: It’s always been around. There is something seductive about it. It’s living forever. There is this sexiness and this romance to that, I guess. And, there’s the goriness of it. It’s beautiful gore. It’s not a bloody zombie. It’s a very attractive, forever young, seductive person that might eat you.
Is it fun to play evil?
WOOD: It’s so much fun! The villains are always more fun to play, absolutely.
What is your attraction to playing bad girls?
WOOD: I don’t necessarily consider them bad. I think they’re just human. They just explore things and do things that most people think about, but don’t really talk about and don’t really do. They’re just honest, really. Nobody is good or bad. You only live once.
How does your True Blood role compare to your role in Mildred Pierce, in degree of difficulty?
WOOD: True Blood is just a blast. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s sexy, it’s hilarious. Mildred Pierce was slightly more dramatic and demanding, I have to say.
How has your life changed since True Blood?
WOOD: Good lord, the fans of True Blood are so dedicated and intense. It’s crazy. I get stopped on the street constantly now. People call me The Queen, which I don’t mind at all. That’s how people address me. It’s nice. Not a bad gig.
What vibe are you getting from the new season of “True Blood”?
WOOD: I honestly don’t know what they are doing. But I know it is always going to be out of control.
There are more vampire shows now than ever. Why is that?
WOOD:There is something seductive about it. It is living forever. There is this sexiness and this romance to that, I guess. And the goriness of it. It is like beautiful gore. It is not like a bloody zombie. It is a very attractive, forever young, seductive person – that might eat you!