Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris Chapter 3 exerpt at Penguin publishers

An Excerpt from Dead Reckoning

Chapter Three
I enjoyed driving to work for the evening shift when it was still light outside. I turned up the radio and sang “Crazy” right along with Gnarls Barkley. I could identify.
Jason passed me driving in the opposite direction, maybe on his way to his girlfriend’s house. Michele Schubert was still hanging in the relationship. Since Jason was finally growing up, she might make something permanent with him . . . if she wanted to. Michele’s strongest suit was that she wasn’t enthralled by Jason’s (apparently) powerful bedroom mojo. If she was mooning over him and jealous of his attention, she was keeping it perfectly concealed. My hat was off to her. I waved at my brother, and he smiled back. He looked happy and unconflicted. I envied that from the bottom of my heart. There were big plusses to the way Jason approached life.
The crowd at Merlotte’s was thin again. No surprise there; a firebombing is pretty bad publicity. What if Merlotte’s couldn’t survive? What if Vic’s Redneck Roadhouse kept stealing customers? People liked Merlotte’s because it was relatively quiet, because it was relaxed, because the food was good (if limited) and the drinks were generous. Sam had always been a popular guy until the wereanimals had made their own announcement. People who had handled the vampires with cautious acceptance seemed to regard twoeys as the straws that had broken the camel’s back, so to speak.

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Rita said...

Well! Well! Well! I have read chapter #1
and now i have read chapter #3 and May 3rd
can't get here fast enough for me.

TeamEricSookie said...

What the hell was in that letter to make Eric go for Pam's throat? Victor must die a painfully slow final death.


Sharon said...

So is Ch 2 somewhere we can read it?

Rita said...

No sharon Ms.C.H.put the 1St.chapter up
back in Nov. and Penguin did this one,
we wont get any more till the book comes
out in May,wish it did.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Rita. I've read Ch 1, but I think I'll wait for the book to read anymore unless someone posts Ch 2.