Friday, March 4, 2011

'True Blood' poster for PaleyFest: Pretty bloody cool.

Admittedly, this poster would be way cooler with a naked vampire on it, but I understand the concept of decency standards. So keeping those old things in mind, this poster promoting the True Blood‘s panel at PaleyFest is pretty awesome. Truth be told, it took me several glances to notice the vampire profile in the blood. Then, suddenly, it blew my mind and made me wonder if that’s supposed to be Eric or Bill. (See a larger version here.)

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Rita said...

Well!Dallas i had not noticest the face
but that is not the only one,Sookie is on the back side of the first one,i really hope every one has a great time in L.A.!

staysea said...

I Really like this. I love that it is original artwork. I would put it on my wall....

TeamEricSookie said...

What is the significance of the mosquito and the Nietzsche quote, "GOTT IST TOT/God is dead"?

What dark and twisted road will we be taken down in Season 4? Alan mentioned an "evil force" at PaleyFest tonight. Things are going to get darker than usual this season.


Rita said...

TeamEricSookie i think the mosquito just
stands for bloodsucker,and yes it is going
to be darker and twisted.