Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Riding Hood Arouses Man’s Inner (Were)Wolf

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There have been ample opportunities over the past few years for explorations of the religious, cultural and artistic valence of the vampire, but it’s beginning to seem as if werewolves are every bit as worthy of our attention. We’ve learned a lot about them of late: in the CW Network’s The Vampire Diaries, HBO’s True Blood and the continued revelations in the Twilight films.

We know, for example, that werewolves are shape-shifters, much like vampires, though they are their sworn, almost genetically-determined enemy. But recently we’ve learned that they can also make treaties and commit themselves to truces, fragile though they inevitably are. Vampires and werewolves can have common enemies (like witches), articulate common purpose (survival, most obviously), or strive heroically and movingly against their natural antipathies. Their relationship looks a lot like the dance between capitalists and communists in the waning years of Soviet power. “Trust but verify” is their watchword.

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Rita said...

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