Thursday, May 26, 2011

HBO Capitalizes On 'Blood,' 'Thrones," Launches Site

Eager to harness some of the social-media activity around shows "True Blood" and "Game of Thrones," HBO is launching a site to generate conversation and interaction. HBO Connect is debuting with a section prompting hungry "True Blood" fans to link up in advance of the show's return in late June.
The vampire show's microsite allows easier connections via Twitter hashtags, one of which is #waitingsucks, and other functions.
With conversation and connections flying all over the Web about its series, HBO is hoping to toss in some marketing messages. One of the goals is to offer a "second screen" experience, where viewers can use the site while watching. Users can log in via their Facebook and Twitter accounts and use capabilities such as "Pulse," which provides easy real-time access to popular HBO-related discussion topics and content.
There is also "Feed," which grabs all social-media content about a series, allowing interaction with Twitter feeds and each other.

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Rita said...

Dallas i have not been on much cause i
have the Thrones bug and have been read
ing the books to go along with the show
really enjoy it so much.

" Dallas " said...

I have also been enjoying thrones - good for you for also reading the books!