Monday, May 16, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse novel 'Dead Reckoning' sprints toward series finale

Sookie Stackhouse stands in the center of a blood bath - or two or three - and wonders how her sleepy Southern life got so seriously gothic. The fang- and beast-filled soap opera centered around a telepathic barmaid began as the Southern Vampire Series in 2001. It took flight after HBO's take on the tale in 2009. The literary charm comes from the author's trademark biting wit and flair for dialogue.

This sentiment grows during the latest and 11th installment of writer Charlaine Harris' series, which is the basis for HBO's "True Blood."

The Arkansas-based writer has an affection for small, rural towns and how seemingly simple people rise to meet what can be insurmountable and complex challenges.

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Anonymous said...

Im okay with an ending to this series as long as the next two books tie things up. I don't know how many more books I could take if they are anything like the last two.

Rita said...

Well i have not been disapointed in any of her books.She is a great writer,and can't wait for her last two.

Andrea said...

I felt like the last book felt like the natural end and she just added a few more plot lines to continue for a couple more books since she just signed to do more books. Also, I am getting sick of Sookie having moral issues about the events every 5 pages.

Anonymous said...

lol, me too Andrea!