Saturday, May 7, 2011

True Blood Author Takes a Bite Out of Seattle

Vampires, check. Pale skin, check. Erotic elements, check. Forks, Washington... not quite check. Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mystery series lacks the semi-local setting of Stephenie Meyer's teen-friendly Twilight series, but the books--and their protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse--have managed to sink their fictional fangs into the hearts (throats? eyes? brains?) of many fans, and also inspired the popular HBO series True Blood. With more than a month to go before True Blood starts a new season, vampire fanatics have some time to start catching up on the books.
Harris visits Seattle tomorrow night to read and sign copies of Dead Reckoning, the most recent installment of her "rural fantasy" Sookie series. We asked Harris a couple of questions about her approach to writing and thoughts on the television series.
How do you stay inspired throughout the series? How long do you plan to continue it?

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Rita said...

I am always inspired by the series,i have read all the books so many times,and do my
crafts.Plus i read all Ms.CH other series
i love them all,and watch the show and the dvds loved this book so much but was sad by the end.And can't wait for the next one.