Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Screen Test


Benjamin said...

You need to be keeping the blog up to date! If you aren't up to it tell us so we can stop WASTING OUR TIME with YOUR BLOG

Rita said...

Excuse me but you really don't know Dallas
she has other things she has to do a job,
and family.She does a really good job of
putting things on here,when the series is
not on she leaves stuff on several days at a time some times it takes readers a while to read these things she puts so if
you don't like how long it takes Dallas
to get it on here then this site is not
for you.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Rita - don't fret !
I don't do much on the off season with the blog and if people don't like it I don't know why they read it- they need to go read any of the other 100 True Blood blogs out there .