Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Reasons Why True Blood Is Better Than the Books It's Based On

I’ve watched every episode of HBO’s True Blood, which is about to kick off its fourth season, and I’ve read every one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which it's based. An eternity is not enough time to express my gratitude to Ms. Charlaine Harris for the best premise in Southern Gothic mythology in these United States. But True Blood creator Alan Ball has refined her story into something with more insight and intensity than the complete works of Charles Dickens, and the HBO drama has the notable honor of being a TV adaptation that’s even better than its very addictive source material.
This is not just my opinion, it's a science fact, and here are ten reasons why.
10. Eric’s hair
In the books, Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman’s hair is frequently described as being bound up in intricate braids. Seriously? Who would even do the braiding? Pam?

9. Sookie is not the narrator
Sookie Stackhouse narrates each one of the books in the first person, with a mix of charming naivete and sass. Anna Paquin’s Sookie is definitely the center of True Blood, but we aren’t tied to her perspective. We don’t stay shut up with her in the FOTS basement in Season 2, we go aboveground, check out Jason getting it on with the Preacher’s wife, go to Bon Temps and watch the town have orgies under the influence of the maenad. Basically any time you see someone onscreen and they’re not directly across from Sookie, it didn’t happen in the books, or they told her about it over coffee several weeks later.

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