Monday, June 27, 2011

First Bite: “True Blood” 4.1: She’s Not There by Camp Blood

Again-- I am thrilled that the amazing Andy and Brian will be co hosting Talk Blood with me again this year !

Ah, True Blood. Though we’ve been apart for a while, when you sink your teeth into my smooth, swan-like neck it’s almost like you were never gone.
Andy and I are working on our full Blood Work! video recap of the premiere ep – which promises lots of fun surprises! – but in the meantime let’s chew on some of last night’s big moments, shall we?

  • Queen Mab, harder and more often. Seriously, PLEASE let this woman be back every week – her performance was everything that television has been missing since they canceled The Charmings.
  • Tara is taking a swim in Lake Lesbian, and I LOVE IT. I do miss her short hair, though.
  • Mama Maxine and Li’l Mickens? How the heck did that one happen?
  • Sam‘s My Little Pony dinner club? HILARIOUS.
  • Marnie may be the first supervillain in history to be introduced on a bean-bag chair.
  • Poor Peepaw Earl - we hardly knew ye!
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Rita said...

Welcome back guys,can't wait to see what
you have.