Monday, July 4, 2011

Big changes for 'True Blood's' bad boy

Last night’s episode introduced us to the season’s number one storyline as we said goodbye to the Eric we know and love. Breath into a bag, y’all. We’ll get through the rain together.
The icy Swede’s latest real estate investment led Sookie to traipse across the cemetery to Bill’s place to air her grievances. Bill told her that she was S.O.L and alluded to Eric having friends in high places, whatever that means. He also suggested that because of the whole delicious fairy blood thing, Sookie should seek refuge at someone else’s home. I would seek it with Alcide. Just sayin’.

Sookie later discovered that Eric had taken the liberty to make himself completely at home at her place – even going so far as to build a pimped-out cubbyhole in her living room.

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