Saturday, July 2, 2011

True Blood behind the scenes; Bill's house, the new and improved ?

Well--- I love the old house and I have been to the house many, many times. I even had fans from all over the country fly to Dallas and we've taken driving tours of Louisiana and many of the locations used in the filming of True Blood.

Bill house is real and was in bad shape when Ball and True Blood first filmed in it 2007 - it has since undergone a massive renovation but it is not the house used this season  in the scene in the Season 4 when Sookie walks over to talk to King Bill.

You can see the new house in the photo it is obviously not the same old ( real house ) of Bills . I bet it's a facade that has been built on a back lot or maybe on the property where Sookie's house and cemetery are located.

This photo is from a recent visit - you can see all the construction and you can see how the left side of the house really looks. The big difference is the height of the new " fake" Bill's house,  its so low the actual house is very high off the ground. 

Awww .. everyone say awwww together. Here is the first peek we get of Bill's house from Season 1 episode 2.

The real Bill's house is called Roseneath Plantation and has been owned by the Means family since it was built in 1846. I have lots more about it here