Saturday, July 16, 2011

Charlaine Harris Can't Drive a Stake in 'True Blood'

I'm not sure why this is just now getting all this notice ..I think she confirmed this last February. If Ball stayed book- for- book with True Blood seasons this would give us 9 more after this season and Balls is acting like he's only doing 2 more. Who knows..

Don't worry, Trubies: Just because Charlaine Harris (who, as you should know, is the author of the novels that inspired True Blood, "The Southern Vampire Mysteries") has announced that she's going to quit writing her books after the 13th installment does NOT mean that True Blood the TV show will have to end. Ever.
That's because True Blood now has a life -- maybe "immortal existence" is a better way to put it -- all on its own. TB writers do pull key characters and plot points from the books, but that's where the similarities end ... in fact, the two versions are different enough so that instead of the usual purist/newbie divide you'd expect to see in a situation like this, you find quite a lot of people who are fans of both.

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