Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sponsor needed for Talk Blood Radio let's honor Charlaine Harris !

I need sponsor(s) for this week's Talk Blood Radio show !
I'd like to dedicate this week's episode to Charlaine Harris, so i like to have some one sponsor the show in her honor. I'd be happy to have you on to the show to talk about what her writing has meant to you and how much pleasure she has brought. I am also having on our friend from the Charlaine Harris message boards MCDallas who will give us some updates on new publications and the end of the Sookie series.
It's only $50 ...thanks so much.

You can also buy a $20 raffle ticket (each ) and help us pay the costs of running the blog and producing the radio show this year.

Your chances of receiving a prize are astoundingly good and we have wonderful items like:  autographed Sookie books by Charlaine Harris, True Blood collectors grab bags, an original signed Andy Swist ( Yes, as in the True Blood paper dolls ) wonderful original portrait of Eric & Sookie, True Blood collectors poster ( one of a kind !) more vampire books, and various other gift certificates and goodies donated by some of our show sponsors!

But best of all you know you helped keep your favorite True Blood Blog or radio show going for another year!
Thanks, Dallas

For more info or to sponsor and epsidoe email me