Wednesday, July 6, 2011

“True Blood” Blood Work Vlog 4.2: “You’re Covered in Queen”

The boys go punk ! We had a great time talking the other night - listen to the podcast, you can hear the ideas for their vlogs sometimes formulating !!

Thanks to HBO’s releasing the episode a little early and the July 4 holiday, this week’s Blood Work! is up and running. It of course covers the second episode of Season 4 of True Blood, the increasingly elaborate supernatural booty-pop sensation of the summer.
This week Andy and I tackle London, 1982 (with disastrous results), a few ladies in need of a little Witch Slappin’, and of course all the big moments from this week’s sexed-up, blood-spattered romp. Will it be enough to wipe Eric‘s wardrobe from YOUR memory? Watch and see!


Rita said...

You guys are so funny,you need your own
TV show.