Monday, July 11, 2011

True Blood Recap: Adventures in Babysitting

Last week left us hanging, the image of a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard forever burned — as if it weren't already — in our collective conscious. Not a bad thing, but questions need to be answered! Powers have shifted in the vampire community, Jason’s in a bind, and there’s a new coven in town that looks like trouble. Tally ho! To the recap!
“What are you?”
Eric’s shirtless, shoeless, and acting a fool. He gives Sookie the old “you smell like wheat and honey and sunlight” line, but she’s not buying it. He comes at her with fangs bared to prove his point and she makes a run for it. Too bad, Sooks. Eric moves faster than you'd like to admit. A brief chase ensues and ends with a punch to the nose. “I’m not your fuckin’ dinner!” Sooks chirps.

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