Monday, July 25, 2011

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 5 by Mark Blankeship The Critical Condition

If the ghost of my grandmother told me not to fall in love with a man—even a six foot tall, Norse god of a man who was half naked, emotionally available, and lying in my bed—then I would listen to Grandmama’s ghost. And that is why, by the end of “Me and the Devil,” I was ready to snatch Sookie bald-headed. Girl, Gran told you from beyond the grave to stay away from Eric. I realize that he’s giving you sad-puppy eyes and that his ever-shirtless body only needs a dusting of powdered sugar to be the world’s best dessert, but those are diversions. I’ve spent the entire season insisting that Eric, though I love him, is ultimately a character who thrives on owning, on possessing what he wants, and even with his memory wiped, his impulsive need to havehavehave has already led to the death of your fairy godmother and a very disturbing dream in which Godric’s ghost encourages him to eat you. Eric may love your hair in the sunlight and be willing to stain your pillow with his sweet bloody years, but you need to back away. If you won’t listen to me, you should at least listen to Gran.

Or how about Tara? You know, your so-called best friend that you’ve been lying to, endangering, or ignoring for four seasons? When she confesses that she’s been lying to her Nawlins girlfriend, you breezily declare that honesty is the best policy, even though you know that Tara is terrified of the very vampire who is currently in your basement. Do you think she might have a point when she sees Eric, tells you you’re crazy, and runs away? Does it occur to you that even though you and Eric have barely kissed, you’ve already started lying to everyone and hurting people? Have you considered that most good relationships don’t involve flagrant deceit? Or that you tend to selfishly follow your hormones around at the expense of everyone else?

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