Friday, July 15, 2011

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks Season 4 Romances and Battles

Manganiello, 34, turned up the temperature with his smoldering performance as mysterious newcomer- and werewolf- Alcide Herveaux. True Blood fans breathed a sigh of relief when Manganiello was signed on as a regular cast member for season four.

“I love the moments where I get to play the werewolf and do some sniffing and tracking,” he said about his favorite part of the role. “Last year I loved cooking my steak and going off to eat it without a fork. I love all of those little werewolf moments. I incorporated growling into Alcide's character: If he didn't like something, he'd growl.”

According to the tall, dark, and handsome Pittsburgh native, a lot will happen on the HBO hit to bring about more guttural noises. Manganiello spoke to about battles, babes, bare chests, and the struggle to be the big man in Bon Temps.

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