Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey True Blood-- why didn't you film any of Season 4 in the South ?

This is the first time since the True Blood series  started 4 years ago that they haven't filmed any of of this season's  episodes ( at least we've not see them so far) here in the South. (Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi )
I wonder why ..  ?

I know you'll remember that in Season 3, they filmed the great Russell Edgington mansion scenes in Mississippi. In Season 2,  they  filmed the Maryann wrecked Bon Temps and the Bill kidnapping in Louisiana and the Godric burning scene here in Dallas. And of course in Season 1 there was tons of scenes filmed in and around Shreveport and in central Louisiana.

Sookie's house (external) and cemetery have always existed as facades in Malibu,  Merlottes's  bar sits on Warner Brother's back lot and Fangtasia is really a bar in Long Beach but the exteriors for downtown Bon Temps, Jason's and Bill's house all really exist and those scenes were all originally filmed in Louisiana.
I have been to these locations... check out posts below.

I love when they get off the LA movie studio back lots and near LA locations and really film in the south.  I think spending the extra time and money to film here has added lots of authenticity to the series and I hope they get back to filming down here soon,  ya'll.

I have lots of blog posts about behind the scenes filming and I have visited most of the filming locations.


Louisianagirl29 said...

They need to come back to Louisiana to film next season! The outside shots for season 4 does not look louisiana. Where is the moss hanging of the trees? I'm really happy with season 4. I hope True Blood will last to cover the rest of the books since the books are coming to a end. Especially book 7!