Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane iRene - and how it will effect Talk Blood Radio Sunday night

I know no one cares if the Talk Blood Radio show has to be canceled on Sunday night just as long as everyone is safe.

Just so everyone knows, Andy, Brian and the cats are evacuating NYC and probably will not be able to join us Sunday night.

We will miss them but I just want everyone to be safe and I want all you guys to know that Blogtalk is located ( or part of it is) in the New York area so with power outages and heavy internet traffic that may disrupt the use of blogtalk and the radio show on Sunday night !

If its' not working I will post it one the blog , so just check before the episode airs.

I hope everything is OK for all of you guys who live on the East coast and in the NE. Please post in the comments where you live so we can keep you and your family in our thoughts. Even if it's not deadly,  it will be scary and a huge hassle for everyone effected. I'm so sorry.

You guys be safe and take care and keep us posted.


Hurricane Irene - How you can help RED CROSS  / Salvation Army


Anonymous said...

Please do NOT donate to the Salvation Army.