Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Proof that True Blood’s vampire shower sex could have been a whole lot hotter

Many folks were disappointed with True Blood's recreation of the infamous Vampire Eric and Sookie shower sex scene from Charlaine Harris' original book. Instead of carnal lust, we got two stoned teenagers talking about snow. Oof.
Here's the proof, in the form of a steamy reading from the book in which the vampire shower sex was spawned, that thing could have been a hell of a lot hotter.
As many of you know, we were less than thrilled with the reimagining of the infamous Vampire Eric sex fest. Instead of carnal shower lust, it was mutated into a snowflake-strewn romp that flopped onto the screen like Bill's new haircut. It was ridiculous, to say the very least. And with a show that is predominately about about vampires having sex with each other, we'd like to hope that the fine folks who make the "vampires having sex" series would take their vampire sex a little bit more seriously.

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