Saturday, August 6, 2011

Super Spoiler Roundup! True Blood Season 4, Episode 7: “Cold, Grey Light of Dawn”

Can’t wait for Sunday’s all-new episode of True Blood? Check out this tasty treat from Wetpaint Entertainment: Seven juicy spoilers from Season 4, Episode 7: “Cold, Grey Light of Dawn.”
1. Bill tries to save his kingdom from Marnie! Now that Marnie’s officially gone bat-crazy and eaten Antonia for lunch, she’s more powerful than ever — and she’s threatening to force Bon Temps’ vamps into the light of day! In an attempt to save fang, Bill issues an unpopular order to his vampire kingdom. He sure is becoming a pro at being unpopular.

2. Eric embraces his amnesia! Uhm, we thought Eric already embraced his new identity as a soft-spoken man-child when he renounced his evil ways and pounded Sookie in the forest, but maybe there’s something we’re missing.

3. Luna and Sam go south. And we’re not talking about in the bedroom. Luna’s pissed at Sam (aka Tommy) for sexing her up and kicking her out, and she’s not about to forgive him! Will they be able to mend their relationship? Sam’s going to be devastated if he can’t play Barbie with Luna’s daughter anymore.

4. Lafayette “expands his consciousness”! We’re not really sure what this means, but ten to one it has something to do with Tio Luca living inside Lala’s body.

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